Consider the following questions:

  • Are your employees 100% engaged and committed to achieving business results, or are they busy complaining about their pay, benefits, lack of promotional opportunities, or supervisors?
  • Are your supervisors spending more time managing poor performers than increasing productivity and business revenue?
  • Is your business prepared for your best employee, perhaps the only person with knowledge of a specific process, to leave the organization with no notice? Or are you “stuck” putting up with a poor performer, because you cannot afford to let him or her go?
  • Are you concerned because you “don’t know what you don’t know” about employment laws and regulations?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, LR Business Solutions can help. Our team is dedicated to removing obstacles, solving business problems, and taking action to increase employee productivity and revenue while reducing costs.

A recent study found:

“Organizations with HR integrated into the business have nearly 40% lower turnover, 38% higher employee engagement, and more than twice the revenue per employee.”*

At LR Business Solutions, we recognize not all organizations want or need in-house human resources staff. We are here to provide the level of service your organization needs, when you need it, within a budget you can afford; whether for one hour or one year. We are passionate about listening to our customers, understanding their challenges and opportunities, and designing and implementing innovative human resources solutions to achieve business goals, maximize revenue, and minimize expense.

Our business philosophy can be described in a single word – integrity. We promise Integrity in every interaction, quality products and services, and results you can count on. We look forward to providing innovation to move your business forward!

Best regards,


Lissa Robinovitz, SPHR, MBA
Founder & President
LR Business Solutions, LLC

*Source: Hams, Stacey and O’Leonard, Karen. The HR Factbook 2011: Executive Summary. Bersin & Associates, 2011.