“I worked with Lissa and her team on a PeopleSoft HCM implementation study for a period of 2 weeks. Lissa offered excellent support and provided detailed information on HR processes and policies which enabled me to complete the study successfully. Lissa has very good knowledge of HR practices and was quickly able to relate organizations business process with corresponding PeopleSoft functionality.”

-Karthik Subramaniam, Project Director, Hexaware Technologies

“I have had the privilege of working with Lissa for nearly two years and I have no reservation in saying that it has truly been a pleasure working with her. Lissa is a Human Resource professional who brings years of practical experience to the table. She is consultative and collaborative in her dealings with others and is able to provide meaningful insight to those who seek her guidance. Lissa is proactive in her style and relates well with others at all levels of the organization. She is at her best when having to deal with difficult employee issues and her optimistic outlook and true concern for others is greatly appreciated and valued.”

-Jim Hayes, VP Software Development, Open Solutions Inc.

“Lissa has provided exceptional support and guidance through our tenure together. I value her wisdom and leadership when dealing with challenging situations.”

-David Van Pelt, General Manager - IA Systems, Open Solutions Inc.

“Lissa is a professional, detail oriented Human Resource professional who possesses the necessary skills that enable her to balance corporate objectives with a strong understanding of individual needs and priorities. Lissa has consistently shown a willingness to listen to employee concerns and act accordingly where applicable. Lissa has always been honest and straightforward in her dealings with me and for this I feel she is a real asset to her current employer.”

-Nicholas Dileva, (former) Project Manager, IA Systems/Open Solutions, Inc.

“Two words come to mind when describing Lisa Robinovitz as a human resources professional "Cutting Edge". Her insight in the human resources field is very valuable and she is considered a very trusted source by many professional colleagues… Lissa is truly a fantastic leader and someone I look to as a trusted source in the Human Resources profession. If you do not know Lissa, once you meet her you will find her positive personality to be very contagious. She has a drive & determination to make things happen and valuable knowledge in the Human Resources profession. She is someone you definitely want to have on your team.”

-Renee Larsen, Human Resources Generalist & EEO Officer

“I worked with Lissa at Bayer Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals during the closing of the West Haven CT site. During this time there were many complicated issues dealing with the reduction of personnel. Lissa's caring yet professional attitude and understanding of these issues helped me immeasurably. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”

-Jerry Enright, Environmental Services Director, Kindred Healthcare

“Lissa is a detailed-oriented professional who's compassionate and highly competent in her field. Her communication skills are outstanding and her enthusiasm is contagious. I worked as a consultant to Travelers in the area of accent modification and communication skills coaching for non-native speakers of English. Lissa was very concerned that these competent professionals (actuaries) advance in their careers despite their language barriers. Travelers partnered with my company, SPEAKBEST LLC, to provide a comprehensive program for the actuaries. Lissa's leadership skills enabled this comprehensive program to materialize, increasing confidence, increasing productivity and decreasing frustration for the actuaries, their managers and colleagues.”

-Nancy Morgenstern, Founder and Principal, SPEAKBEST LLC

“While working as an HR colleague with Lissa at Travelers, I was very impressed with how rapidly she learned the business and began to contribute fresh ideas and recommendations for process improvements. She has an open and honest communication style and a wealth of HR and general business knowledge. I have witnessed Lissa interacting at both the strategic and operational levels with a great ability to balance both. She is a great leader, a strong advocate for those in need, and a generous contributor to the community. Any employer would be fortunate to have Lissa as part of the organization and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”

-Rebecca S. Natale, SPHR, (former) HR Director, Travelers

“Lissa has been a Hospice volunteer for VNHSC since 2001. Her positivity, willingness and sensitivity make her a highly valued member of our team. Lissa handles a variety of situations excellently, from working one on one with the terminally ill and their families to working on fundraising committees/projects for our agency. She is professional, smart, and reliable and has often been a go-to person for me. As a program manager I am fortunate to have Lissa as part of my team. Her loyalty, commitment and generosity have helped so many for so long and I look forward to our continued relationship.”

-Lysa Jolicoeur, Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, Visiting Nurse & Health Services of Connecticut, Inc.