• Increased data integrity, improved decision quality and timeliness, and decreased costs through technology and workflow improvement project (46% ROI)
  • $160,000 reduction in outplacement costs, through vendor negotiation
  • $200,000 savings on corporate credit card program, through policy development
  • Reduced time-to-fill by over five (5) months, through contract negotiation and training
  • $9,000 reduction in Worker’s Compensation commission and 32% reduction in reserves, through broker change and proactive claims management
  • $250,000 reduction in fine levied by Federal Department of Labor Wage & Hour division, through proactive audit management
  • $290,000 savings in Unemployment Compensation, through program redesign.
  • Successfully challenged and won numerous State Commission Against Discrimination cases and prevented others, through policy and procedure development and management training.

“I have known and worked with Lissa for almost 10 years and would strongly recommend her for her talent, compassion, skill and commitment. If you have a need for help in your organization, she would be my #1 choice. She is the best!!!!

-Stanley Labovitz, CEO Infotool

“In my dealings with Lissa I have found she formulates her own thoughts and opinions but is very willing to accept advice and listen to alternative views. She also maintains a high level of integrity and can, therefore, build trust in an organization. She is a proven leader through her actions.”

-Peter Wertsching, (former) Sr. Vice President, Hilb Rogal & Hobbs

“Even though Lissa was working on a contract (limited duration) basis at Pfizer, she became a core member of our team immediately. She learned the business in little time and contributed new ideas which directly led to meeting our objectives. Her ability to communicate clearly, speaking her mind while being open to new ideas was highly valued by her client base. She was (and is) able to skillfully use her strong core HR skills to meet business objectives, instinctively knowing which areas required the greatest focus. In addition, I continue to admire Lissa's commitment and care of others through her work in the greater Connecticut Community. I would work with Lissa again in a hear beat.”

-Polly Kipp, (former) Senior Director, Pfizer

“Lissa is a talented Human Resource professional. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, willing to share her expertise and puts people at ease. I have presented Lissa to my clients as a consultant and as an HR leader and she has excelled in both positions. Lissa has a smile and quick wit that makes her a pleasure to be around. I value her opinion and have called upon her expertise.

-Dawn Draper-Classen, (former) Vice President, Willmott & Associates, Inc.